Number: 188
Walking cane with a silver head of girl, Art Nouveau, Paris around 1900.
Signed Pinto, worked by his collegue Janvier Quercia. She wears a headdress. The handle which is closed to the head is decorated with inserted glass mistletoes.
Open worked Art Nouveau motifs which belongs to the head, formed the collar.
The handle is fitted on a varnished snakewood shaft.
Length of the handle: 9 cm, 3,5",overall length 83 cm, 32,5".
The sculptor Antonio Alves, J. Pinto. born in Porto Italy 19th century, 1890 he founds his studio at 176, rue St Martin, Paris, were he worked together wth the silversmith Janvier Quercia, born in Caserte, Italy.

Works of Janvier Quercia are in The Britsh Museum.