Antique Canes & System Sticks

A baroue silver knob

A large German 18th Century embossed silver knob.

An ivory dragon

Walking cane, late 19th century with a long ivory handle. A dragon is writhing around a moribund tree-trank.

A frog

Walking cane second half of 19th century with an ivory frog sitting on ball.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Walking cane with a silver gildet curved handle. At the end of the handle on the thumb side Napoleon Bonaparte profile is portrayed with four inlaids diamonds.

A tortoishell grip

Walking cane with a long tortoiseshell grip, carved with branches and small berrys end of 19th century.

A Samurai

Walking cane late 19th century with a Samurai standing on rock carved of the tuber
of a bamboo root.

A dragon and crocodil

Walking cane, second half 19th century, with a dragon-crokodil creature of blackthorn, carved from one piece.

Art Deco horn knob

Walking cane, Art Deco, with a square horn knob becoming slimmer downwards.

cane of a flaneur

Cane of a flâneur around 1900 with a marble grip decorated with enamel leaves that have gold rims.

A wood bust of a men

Late 18th century walking cane with a bust of a men carved of a buxtree with inlaid glass eyes wearing a hat.

St Cloud

Walking cane with porcelaine knob painted in white and blue in the classical design of the manunfactur St Cloud, Frankreich 1720.

A hand

Antique walking cane with an ivory knob carved as a hand grasping a rod.

A riding whip

Riding crop, second half 19th century with an ivory head of a dog.

A lion of wood

Walking cane carved of one piece wood with knots, handle of a lion 2nd half 19th century.

A scull

Walking cane with a hand gripping a scull of horn, 2nd half 19th century.

A hunter

Biedermeier walking cane with a curved ivory handle. On the front side a hunter with a tobacco bag and long pipe.

A silver knob around 1800

Walking cane with a long embossed silver knob around 1800. On the wall a man and woman with a headgear. He is holding in his left hand a tobacco pipe and in his right a flower. The woman has her hands

A dog`s head of wood

Walking cane with a crook worked of one piece brown wood with strong grains around the knots, ending in a head of a dog with silver ears, eyebrows and whiskers.

A man with hat

Walking cane with an ivory carved head of a men of the upper classes wearing a top hat, mid 19th century.

A glass cane

A 2nd half 19th century hollow glass cane.

A warthog teeth

Walking cane with a teeth of a warthog around 1900.

Two hands

Walking cane with two interlocking left hands of ivory with pleated sleeve cuffs. A symbol of the Freemasons.

A wine cask

Walking cane with a big ivory handle carved with grapevines and a wine cask second half of 19th century.

A undressed woman

Walking cane with a undressed girl of ivory staying in a water plant late19th century.

A horse head

Walking beginning of 20th century, with a silver, (acid checked), crook with a big horse head with glass eyes.

A scholar

Walking cane, beginning of 20th century with a big head of a Roman or Greece scholar of bakelit.

Silver mermaid

Walking cane Art Nouveau, Germany around 1900, with a 800 silver mermaid in a fishing net

A baroque silver knob

Walking cane with a big embossed silver knob of the 18th century.

metal gildet knob

Walking cane with a long metal gildet knob late19th century. The knob is engraved in style of the Rococo with scrolls and blossoms put on floral vines, bees and Butterflys.

An ivory seal

antique walking cane with a carved ivory seal second half of 19th century.

tortoiseshell cane

Walking cane with a long silver knob, fitted on a wood shaft covered with tortoiseshell.


Art Dèco walking cane with a mushroom shaped knob of transparent, multiple faceted crystal glass.

Head of a bulldog

Walking cane with a carved ivory head of a bulldog with inset glass eyes second half of 19th century .

An ivory elephant

Walking cane with an ivory ball knob carved as an elephant, about 1900.

A female nude

Walking cane with a carved ivory female nude second half of 19th century.

bust of a Dutchman

Walking cane with a carved ivory bust of a Dutch noble men second half of 19th century.

coat of arms

Walking cane 1840-60 with an ivory pistol grip. On the front side a coat of arms with a lion standing up.

three cats

Walking cane second half of 19th century with an ivory shoe and three little cats inside.

hand and nose

A proverb cane of the biedermeier period "do let not yourselves make fool"
Germany 1st half 19th century.

fox and pheasant

Walking cane Germany late 19th century, with a curved silver handle, with a fo and a phesant.

A claw

Black varnished cane of a flaneur with a mushroom-shaped knob and a claw grabs a stick, about 1900.

A girl and flowers

Walking cane with a silver crook with a flowering branch lying on the curve.
Germany around 1900.

A silver knob

Walking cane of an aristocrat with a silver knob, France about 1900.

porcelain bust

Cane of a flaneur in the beginning of 20th century with the bust of man with baroque wig of porcelain.

A girls bust

Walking cane carved with an ivory girl`s bust sourrounded by petals, 2.H.19th century.


Walking cane 2nd half of the 19th century with an ivory mermaid.

porcelain cane

A 19th century Meissen porcelain handle, the thumb-sided handle end
in the form of "a woman with muff ".

Religious walking cane

Walking cane, 2nd half 19th century with a long ivory handle, carved with a vine, the cross of Christ, the saints mother Maria and the good shepherd with the lamb of God.


Walking cane with a long ivory knop in the end of 19th century. On the top inlaidly an image of Christ with burning heart.

Japanese flowers monkey

Antique cane japanese late 19th century with a long knob carved with a monkey and an insect.

two dog heads

walking cane with an ivory handle in shape of two dog`s heads, second half 19th century.


Spazierstock mit großem Elfenbeinpiquèknauf, England um 1700.

An angel

Walking cane, Art Nouveau, with an angel.

Porcelaine cane

Walking cane with a porcelaine handle as a bust of a man, designed by Franz Anton Bustelli, Nymphenburg, Munic.

A claw

A cane of a Flaneur with a silver claw holding an crystal ball, London mid 19th century.


An Art Nouveau German walking cane with a silver handle decorated with a nude and Lotus blossom.

bear and snake

Antique walking cane with a wood handle carved as bear and a snake,
second half 19th century.


Antique cane with an ivory handle carved as a head of a bulldog or mastiff.
Second half 19th century.

mountain goat

Antique Walking cane with a mountain goat and three monkeys, London 1920.


Antique cane with a ivory globe, England first half 19th century.

Monkey with child

Antique cane with a mother monkey with its child.

gilt knob

An elegant walking cane with a metal gilt knob fitted on the malacca shaft.

knob metal gilt

Antique cane with an elegant metal gilt knob.

head of a dog

Walking cane with a larged ivory handle, fine carved as a head of a black and tan coonhoun (?)

mother of pearl

Antique cane decorated with mother of pearl Panels.


An Art Nouveau walking cane, presumably Vienna, with a T shaped silver handle with a Putto on the front side.

Ivory and silver handle

Antique cane with a silver and ivory L shaped handle.

A Jew bust

Antique cane with an ivory bust of a Jew.
Late 19th century.

A feet

An antique wood walking cane with a varnished veined handle carved as a feet.

ribbon Art Nouveau

Antique cane for using with a tau-shaped silver handle.

A silver dragon

antique walking cane, end of 19th century, with a silver head of a dragon.

An ivory head of a man

Antique cane with an ivory head of a man, late 19th century.

A man´s bust

Antique cane at the beginning of the 19 th century with an ivory knob modelled of a bust of a man.

A locomotive and paddlesteamer

Antique cane with an very fine silver gildet knob with a locomotive and a paddlesteamer, Chicago AD 1868.

A corkscrew

System cane with a corkscrew 2nd half 19th century. The corkcscrew is fitted on the head of a drunked man with headgear carved of rood of boxtree and glass eyes.

A dog's head

Automatic cane with a dog's head around 1900. If you push the knob under the lower jaw the tongue comes out.

watch cane

Antique watch cane France around 1900.

 A pillbox

An antique system stick with an elegant French silver gilt knob as a pillbox.

A snuffbox cane

An unusual, curiosity German snuffbox cane, around 1900.