Cane stand mahogany

Cane stand made of mahogany England late 19th century.

Parasol with lilies of the valley,

Parasol with umbrella stick and ivory handle carved with lilies of the valley, late 19th century. Marketing permit (cites) available.


Parasol with folding ivory handle, late 19th century.
Vermarktungsgenehmigung (Cites) vorhanden.

Cork crowning with a deer

Cork crowning with a deer made of 800 silver. Germany probably mid 20th century. Height of the deer: 3 cm.

Cork crowning with a pheasant

Cork crowning with a silver pheasant, 2nd half of the 20th century.

A riding whip

Riding crop, second half 19th century with an ivory head of a dog.
Marketing permit (cites) available.


A pair of bronze green patinate Art Deco bookends "Incouciance" by Janle.

Two goats

A pair of bronze patinate Art Deco bookends of goats by Paul Silvestre.

Mother and child by Gruber

Gildet bronce bookends Art Noveau by Gruber (probably Austria) as mother and child.

Reading court ladys by M.L.Verrier

Green patinated spelter bookend as reading court ladys by M.L.Verrier
mounted on a black marble bases.